History of Three W International

Bishop England High School - Charleston, SC

Founded by Tony Wang, Three W International has served schools since 2011. From our humble beginnings, Three W International has maintained one vision: to provide an international program that produces the best possible experience for both students and schools. Ever mindful of our goal, Three W International has seen a tremendous growth in the number of students and schools it serves. Today, we have become an industry leader in the field of international student program management, representing 150 schools in the United States. Although the number of students has increased, the philosophy and quality of service has never faltered. With one of the largest student success rate in the industry and overwhelming satisfaction of schools, Three W International bridges cultural boundaries and expands educational opportunities.

From the very beginning, there were several absolutes that our program must offer: quality schools, exceptional students, and providing referral to a dedicated source that provides safe and supportive host families and dormitories. This combination resulted in two unique outcomes - schools benefited academically and financially, and students were exposed to a first-rate educational and cultural experience.

The idea worked so well that by 2017, we totaled over 1,500 students in 150 US schools. The rest, as they say, is history.