Housing Solutions

Bishop Carroll Catholic High School - Ebensburg, PA

Have you been thinking about starting an International program for a while, but are worried about the complexity of housing for those students? Why not leave the guess work up to our sister company, Twinn Palms™!

The Host Home or Homestay experience is generally the component of an International Program that causes the most anxiety for schools and administrators. Often the greatest challenge when embarking on establishing an international studies program revolves around questions of liability and responsibility for the welfare of the students.

Twinn Palms, sister company of Three W International, will provide your school with 100% management support systems and staffing, monthly reporting with host family and students, ease the school’s international program workload, thus reducing the school’s risk and liability in all situations.

Assuming the responsibility of introducing minor students to a host home family is a serious responsibility and Twinn Palms will assume the liability and ensure that due diligence has been met in the areas of Power of Attorney documents, custody documents, major medical insurance acquisition, and medical liability release forms.

Twinn Palms pledges to work with your administrators, students and families to make the host family experience an enriching one. Additional services include:

  • Recruiting and Management of Host Families
  • Orientation and Training
  • Monthly Reporting and Monitoring
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Organizing Student Transportation (Airport and Travel)
  • Tutoring Services

Schools that have established boarding programs are accommodated to meet the requirements established within their boarding facility. Twinn Palms will assist in conveying information regarding requirements and expectations prior to the student’s arrival. This will help to assure the smoothest transition possible into the established program.

Schools Desiring to Establish a Boarding Program
Many schools are looking to establish boarding programs using facilities on or near their campuses. In some cases, residences once used for religious communities or even local college dorms are used for boarding programs. If a school wants to consider this option, Twinn Palms will assist in the development of an appropriate budget, determining necessary staffing to ensure safety and supervision, programs and essential support services, and assistance with developing suitable expectations and codes of conduct for students.

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