Why Partner with Three W?

Cathedral High School - Los Angeles, CA

Three W International is a service-based company. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer service to make bridging the gap between International student studies and the American private high school an easy and seamless process. Since 2011, we have enrolled over 4,500 international students into our elite private high schools. Our correspondents in China work daily with multiple agencies to find the most driven and academically motivated students. On average, 95% of our international students apply and are accepted to multiple colleges and universities within the U.S..

Once you become a part of the Three W International family, we assign you a dedicated Account Manager that will be your main point of contact throughout the school year. This liaison will handle everything from your new school onboarding call, to pre and post student arrival support and more. After a student arrives at your school, they will be introduced to one of our Student Ambassadors. Over the years, we have noticed there was a need for students to have the ability to communicate with someone that they can easily connect to; someone that has been through the same or similar experiences that they are going and will go through during their time at school and in the U.S.. Whether it be cultural differences and misunderstandings, culture shock, issues integrating into the school community or living in the U.S., our aim is to simply offer a helping hand and a friendly, familiar voice. With that being said, it is important to note that the Student Ambassadors are not counselors or therapists and will not represent themselves as such.

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"Damien is the 30th most challenging High School ranked in the nation. It not only gives students like me the opportunity to engage in academics but also helps students to get involved in the community and sports. Damien worked with NASA so it is absolutely fascinating to study here. Twenty-seven AP courses, 32 teams in 15 different sports can really get students falling in love with this place.”

Albert, Student
Damien High School

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