Recruitment & Enrollment Management

Saint John Paul II High School - Hyannis, MA

Enrollment Management

Three W International® can work in conjunction with your school to set admissions standards – ideal student profile, English-language proficiency guidelines (TOEFL, JR TOEFL, SLEP), interests, and more. We work with you to establish enrollment guidelines which include but are not limited to desired number of students and annual and/or semester enrollment goals.

Application and Initial Interview

Through screening, prequalifying, matching, and identifying mission-appropriate students, we can act to leverage your school’s admissions department in our international markets.

Documentation Collection

Three W International is responsible for collecting application and certain immigration documentation for each of our students.


We don’t market students to your school; we market your school to students. Our office staff assists in a systematic collection of information to make your school stand out in the incredibly competitive market. We will help find the strongest assets and bragging points for the school. We use our incredible marketing power to put the school's name in front of thousands of people (Fairs, Schools, Agents, Parents) through various marketing methods:

  • Descriptive and Attractive Brochures
  • Dedicated Websites/Partner Websites
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - We make it easier for students to locate and learn about your school via the internet


Does your faculty and staff have questions about how to teach international students? If you think they could benefit from some additional insight, we welcome you to view our faculty and staff support videos created by our team of experienced educators. Just log into your profile to view!

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