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Sierra Canyon School - Chatsworth, CA

Our Educational Services team understands how busy teachers' lives can be so we made our resources readily available to our schools. When you log-in to your school profile, you will find two video series produced by our team: one entitled “You are Coming to America” for your students that addresses their needs and concerns, and a second entitled “Faculty and Staff Resource Videos” to address questions you may have.

“Excellent information. Even though I have been teaching for years, it was great to hear strategies that work with our international students. Thank you!”

“Thanks. This was very helpful as I think about my interactions with both my Chinese students.......and my American students. This was practical, clear, and organized. The presenter was obviously an experienced teacher.”

“Very helpful and it was great to get some reminders and fresh ideas from people who know the field. I've really appreciated and found the think tank to be helpful!”


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