College Readiness Program

Knowing how important the investment of a college education is to students around the globe, Three W International offers a flagship College Readiness solution designed to be flexible enough to fit all students’ individual needs both in the U.S. and in China through our correspondent companies. In addition, the College Readiness program aims to assist U.S. universities in building bridges to these students and their international high schools. Submit an inquiry today to learn more about how you can utilize our expertise.

Our College Readiness Pillars:

·         Finding a Great College or University and Connecting Passions to a Career

·         Understanding Individual Learning Skills and U.S. University Expectations

·         Preparing for the Rigors of U.S. Academic Research Projects

·         Building Foundations for Academic Writing Excellence

·         Learning how to Verbally Communicate our Skills and Experiences

1-1 Application Services

Delivered online or in-person, our 1-1 college application service guides you from the college list stage to choosing your best offers. Starting in the summer before 12th grade, students (and parents) get the help they need to find their most appropriate option for lifelong learning.

International School Services

Looking to improve the quality of international schools abroad and connect them to resources in the U.S., the College Readiness Program evaluates international schools by assessing their teachers, their curriculums, and their college counseling services to identify needs they may have.  Providing teacher placement services, teacher and counselor training, and building bridges to U.S. universities through interactions and school profiles, Three W International and our corresponding companies in China aim to transform international schools and be the conduit to educational opportunities in the U.S. and abroad.

College Readiness Classes

Taken as a class either in the summer or winter, our college readiness camps focus on the five pillars. Providing a group environment for students to work together, these camps can be taken at any time through the student’s high school career and completed in China, facilitated by our correspondent companies there.


School Services

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