Student Management

St Mary's High School - Stockton, CA

Crisis Management

Three W International® knows issues may occur while international students adjust to a different culture. Your dedicated academic specialists are here to provide you with 24/7 assistance with conflicts and crises that may arise.

Pre – Post Arrival Support

We provide help and support during each student’s arrival and departure including organization and communication of flight arrangements, support during the arrival period in case of flight delays or changes, and assistance with student orientation procedures and programs . Our team also provides recommendations, suggestions, and advice for enculturation.

Student Ambassador Service

Over the past several years, Three W International has continuously strived to identify the various needs of our partner schools here in the States and our families and partner agents throughout China. By identifying those needs, we have developed services specifically designed to support each of them along the way – from admissions support and ongoing service via the Account Management team, staff and faculty support and training via the Educational Services team, to parent support via our customer service divisions throughout China.

Our Student Ambassador service offers our students the ability to communicate with someone that they can easily connect to; someone that has been through the same or similar experiences that they are going and will go through during their time at school and in the U.S.. Whether it be cultural differences and misunderstandings, culture shock, issues integrating into the school community and living in the U.S., our aim is to simply offer a helping hand and a friendly, familiar voice. With that being said, it is important to note that the Student Ambassadors are not counselors or therapists and will not act or represent themselves as such.

School – Natural Parent Liaising

Three W International, directly or together with trusted correspondents in-country, acts as the main point of contact between your school and the student's natural parents. This communication covers everything from test grades and extra-curricular activities to family functions as well as academic and behavioral concerns.

Medical Insurance

You can have all of our students at your school enrolled in a comprehensive medical insurance plan available for international students.


Coming to a new country for school can be quite the cultural transition. Check out our student orientation videos for more information on making the transition for incoming international students an easy one!

Student Orientation Videos

Mai Chappell, Director of Account Management

Learn More About Mai!

Mai Chappell is a graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She has an extensive background in higher education and K-12 programs throughout Michigan, New York, and California. As a former Director for the U.S. Department of Education's TRIO program, she was responsible for the day-to-day operations of student support programs and university partnerships within the Tri-State New York region. At the University of Michigan, her work focused on student retention initiatives, pre-college programming, and academic student services. Mai spent several years living abroad in Japan, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Uruguay and Ukraine. During her international adventures, she taught 10th grade Biology and ESL at an international school. Mai is active in the Los Angeles education community and is the Director of Account Management at Three W International.

Belle Liu, Director of Student Ambassadors

Learn More About Belle!

Belle Liu holds a Master's Degree in English Language and Literature with focus in Cross-Cultural Communication Studies from Capital Normal University in Beijing, China and a Bachelor's Degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Henan University in Kaifeng, China. Belle has over 5 years of professional experience within the study abroad and cross-cultural communication fields serving both Chinese high school and college students. As the Director of Student Ambassadors, Belle supervises and leads a bi-lingual, bi-cultural Three W International service team that mostly comprises grads from U.S. Top 50 universities who share similar study abroad experience and cultural background with our students and serve as their advocate.