Educational Services

Halstrom Academy - Carlsbad, CA

Three W International strives to be the premier international student management company in the marketplace.  As one of its many services, our company provides educational services to our partner schools at no additional cost. We understand the concerns, and the joys, international students bring to a school. Let us work with your team to help build and strengthen your program for the future.

Services provided include:

  • International Program Development
  • On-Site Faculty Training
  • Cultural Competency
  • Tutoring and Test Prep via sister company Twinn Palms, Inc.
  • College Planning

International Program Development

Whether you are implementing an international student program or simply enhancing your existing one, the experienced team at Three W International® will help build a successful and mission-appropriate program.

On-Site Faculty Training

Our Educational Services team offers multiple training options. On-site training sessions for faculty address ELL accommodations, multiculturalism, and techniques to manage the diverse classroom. In addition, we offer online, ongoing professional development through webinars and think tank sessions.

“Very well done presentation. It was well received by my staff and found to be very helpful.”


“I absolutely loved this presentation. I learned quite a bit about Chinese culture and how to accommodate these students. The speaker was very personable and honestly I haven't been that engaged in listening to a speaker compared to his presentation.”


“The presentation was one of the best I have ever attended. The information was both useful and insightful.”


“Your webinars are great for further professional development, and improving skills with students.”

Cultural Competency

The key to a successful program is a knowledgeable and competent staff and faculty. Our Educational Services team will help equip your team with the tools necessary to teach international students with confidence.

Tutoring and Test Prep

Twinn Palms Inc., Three W International’s homestay/dormitory and student enrichment affiliate, works with tutoring services across the country to provide private  online tutoring for students seeking one-on-one help. With these optional services paid for by the student’s family, the student will receive personally tailored lessons from exceptional tutors.

College Planning

The majority of Three W International students have plans to continue their education in the United States after graduation. We offer assistance to your guidance teams in the scheduling and placing of students and with college planning.


Our main goal in creating the following resources is to assist in making the transition for both incoming international students and school faculty an easy one.

Student Orientation Videos

Faculty & Staff Videos

Support Documents